Building ravynOS locally
Making a Live CD

Making a ravynOS Live CD

The Live CD can be made by running the commands below as root:

cd ravynos/
ln -sf /usr/bin/bash /bin/bash
cp -fv version.txt ISO/overlays/ramdisk/version
export RAVYNOS=$(pwd)
export RAVYNOS_VERSION=$(head -1 ./version.txt)
cd ISO; ./ ravyn ravynOS_${RAVYNOS_VERSION}

The build uses files in /usr/local/furybsd/$(uname -m)/cache/${RAVYN_VERSION}/base and /usr/local/furybsd/$(uname -m)/cache/packages. It will download missing files from the Ravyn repository and CI servers by default. If you want to build an ISO with your local changes, overwrite the required files with the output of your local builds above, then run the ISO build commands.