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16 May 2022

10 May 2022

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11 March 2022

30 January 2022

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  • curprev 17:5017:50, 30 January 2022Mszoek talk contribs 3,077 bytes +3,077 Created page with "We build airyxOS using the services of Cirrus CI, but while hacking on pieces you will need to build parts or all of the system locally. First, please see the DevSetup and SystemLocations pages. airyxOS is self-hosting and needs to be built on itself, so make sure you have an installed and running system. == Preparing to build == The output of the build goes to /usr/obj/''source path''/''machine architecture'' - e.g. /usr/obj/Users/you/airyx/amd64.amd64. If you..."