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Welcome to the RavynOS User and Developer Wiki![edit | edit source]

The RavynSoft Open Desktop Operating System, otherwise known as ravynOS™, is an open-source desktop OS designed to look & feel similar to recent versions of Apple's macOS® and aims to be mostly compatible with it at a source, and eventually at a binary level. The RavynOS Project is still very young but is making rapid progress. For background, general info, screenshots, releases, and access to the source code, please check out

This wiki holds information for developers and users of ravynOS. It's still fairly new so please bear with us! If you would like to help document things or organize this wiki, please get in touch with mszoek on our Discord, Matrix or IRC channel.

If you have successfully run ravynOS on real hardware, please add your machine to the supported hardware list!

We want to make the best system possible! Tell us about macOS features you love and hate.

Developer Info[edit | edit source]

Development action is mostly on Discord and over at our GitHub. If you want something to hack on, or just want to understand the plan, we have (very) high-level Roadmap with areas needing work is available.

Current projects
Project Who Release Target
Mach support: messages, ports, port rights, tasks, etc (compatible with xnu) mszoek 0.4.0 Done
launchd, launchctl mszoek 0.4.0 Done
XPC primitives mszoek 0.4.0 Done
Grand Central Dispatch primitives mszoek 0.4.0 Done
DRM/KMS drivers for Intel Iris & HD series, AMD/Radeon integrated and discrete GPUs mszoek 0.4.0 Done
DRM/KMS drivers for virtual GPUs - QXL, virtio-gpu, Vmware VGA ayeed 0.4.0
WindowServer and SystemUIServer (replacing Xorg) mszoek 0.4.0 Done-ish
Tracking FreeBSD-CURRENT (14.0) mszoek 0.4.0 Done
New mszoek 0.4.0 In Dev
Write a new Filer using NSFileManager, LaunchServices, and AppKit ashi 0.4.0 Porting
Add support for DMG archives to Filer and tools to produce DMGs eelman TBD
CoreAudio.framework backed by JACK bhechinger TBD
  • TODO: concepts
  • DevSetup has some information on setting up a development environment
  • The SystemLayout describes where to find and put things.
  • Guide to Building ravynOS locally
  • TODO: guide to porting macOS apps
  • TODO: living without Xcode
  • ...

User Info[edit | edit source]

Download ravynOS[edit | edit source]

Unstable nightly builds are available from our mirror sites.

If you wish to mirror ravynOS, send us a message and we will help you get setup and added to our official mirror list. We recommend syncing from our primary mirror sites at-least once every 24 hours as we do nightly builds. We recommend at-least 100 gigabytes of storage space to dedicate to the project and a connection speed of at-least 100 megabit/s.

The following script can be used for your initial sync from our primary mirror sites please choose the site closet to you connection wise.

rsync -avz --delete --safe-links rsync:// <target>

rsync -avz --delete --safe-links rsync:// <target>

Thank you to our mirror sponsors for providing space and bandwidth for our project!