Project Wish List

From ravynOS

macOS features you love and hate[edit | edit source]

We MUST have[edit | edit source]

  • Swift
  • Being able to move files in and out of zip files without decompressing and recompressing
  • Always on top windows
  • Window snapping
  • Multiple desktops
  • Launchpad-like app launcher
  • use all cores
  • change the system font
  • change the menu bar size without needing to change the system resolution first
  • focus the follow mouse
  • change my mouse button order
  • read files from MTP devices
  • Column View in Filer
  • "About This Computer" Window with basic Informations about the computer and -> "System Report" Button wicht lists all possible information about the computer.
  • Disk Utility
  • Dashboard
  • When previewing images, use the arrow keys to jump to the next/previous image.
  • Activity display
  • Automator
  • Network Utility
  • That during a new installation the own files can be spared from being overwritten.

Third-Party features it would be NICE to incorporate[edit | edit source]

  • Bartender-level flexibility in menu bar configuration
  • Yoink-like drag-n-drop shelf