From ravynOS

ravynOS is intended to be comparable to macOS® and run on fairly modern hardware. In general, it should run on any recent PC hardware since ~2012 that meets the following minimum requirements:

  • UEFI
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more is recommended)
  • 64-bit 2 GHz dual-core Intel or AMD (i.e. x86_64) CPU (4+ cores is recommended. MOAR CORES. ALLLL THE CORES!)
  • Intel IRIS, nVidia or AMD Radeon, VMware/VirtualBox, or VESA GPU compatible with X.Org and FreeBSD
  • 20 GB SATA, SAS or IDE hard disk/SSD/NVMe (100+ GB recommended if you plan to hack the code)
  • Keyboard & mouse compatible with FreeBSD & X.Org X Server. (Most PS2 & USB devices including touchpads will work. I2C devices may not.)
  • Wired or wireless network controller compatible with FreeBSD 12.X (Broadcom 43XX, Intel, Ralink and many others.)

You can check individual components on the FreeBSD hardware support list.


For qemu/KVM with virsh/virt-manager choose (tested with v0.3.0):

  • create new VM
  • select FreeBSD 12 as OS
  • choose ISO as install media
  • create a 20G HD
  • CAUTION: before clicking "Finish" - click on "advanced configuration": select UEFI instead of BIOS and select i440FX-Chipset (if you use Q35-chipset, virtual graphics tablet driver - as a mouse replacement - might not work)
  • do not start the VM yet, first set CD-ROM to SATA-type, set Harddisk to virtio-type
  • activate, boot menu, change boot order to boot from CD first, after install change it back
  • set Video to VGA instead of QXL
  • in order to have a "free mouse", you can choose to add "EvTouch USB graphics tabler" --> with booted Desktop, your mouse should 'escape' the vm easily.
  • in the TianoCore UEFI (Enter with ESC) it might be helpful to change preferred screen resolution (Device Manager > OVMF Platform Configuration) to something greater than 1024x78