Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements for ravynOS

ravynOS should be able to run on most modern hardware from 2012. Following are the hardware requirements to be able to run ravynOS:

  • UEFI boot
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • x86 CPU, 64-bit, 2 GHz dual-core Intel or AMD (4+ cores)*
  • Intel HD, UHD and Iris Xe Graphics lineups, or AMD Radeon graphics (GPUs currently compatible with FreeBSD and Wayland)**
  • PS2 & USB Devices (I2C devices may not work)
  • Wired or wireless network controllers compatible with FreeBSD-Current***

To check support for individual components, refer the FreeBSD hardware support list (opens in a new tab)


If you have gotten ravynOS to run on your computer, add it to our working hardware list →

*Support for the ARM platform is early access.
**The current state of support for NVIDIA GPUs are early access.
***FreeBSD's volume of supported network drivers are currently limited than Linux.