Installing ravynOS
Virtualization Setup

Virtualization Setup

ravynOS currently does not support graphics under virtual machines, progress is however underway. Virtualization is currently efficient for developers to develop and design non-graphical applications without the need to install ravynOS on hardware.

Below are steps on how to setup a virtualized environment for ravynOS to run in.


Make sure you have downloaded our ISO, ready to setup your virtualized environment. You can find our mirror list here to download an ISO.

Setting Up


These steps are for Qemu/KVM for use with virsh/virt-manager (tested with v0.4.0)

Create a new virtual machine

Select FreeBSD13.1 as the Operating System

Building ravynOS

Choose the ravynOS ISO as the install media

Create 20GB in Hard Drive Storage


Before finishing setup, click on "Customize configuration before install" building ravynos

Select UEFI instead of BIOS and select q35

building ravynos

Set the Boot Option CD-ROM to SATA-type

building ravynos

Finish setup


Follow the instructions in Installing ravynOS


In the TianoCore UEFI (enter this with the ESC key), it may be helpful to change the preferred screen resolution via Device Manager > OVMF Platform Configuration to something greater than 1024x768